Improving and maintaining the fertility of the soil is the central focus in Natural, Ecological, Biological, Sustainable and Organic
farming. This is the foundation on which we have built Compost Matters as a leading supplier of cutting edge cost effective composting solutions for everyone.

Compost Matter recognises the importance of the carbon cycle and the significant contribution our industry makes through organic waste resource recovery and beneficial re-use of composted and further processed organics.
In particular, compost has a number of well established greenhouse emissions reduction benefits:
– diversion of organic materials from landfill and avoided methane generation
– increased soil carbon from compost application and increases in long term carbon content of soils
– avoided nitrous oxide emissions arising from healthier soils increasing productivity and reducing fertiliser emissions on an output basis.

Every industry has standards of excellence, established by leaders who set the bar of exceptional value and continually raise that bar. Compost Matters has been manufacturing agricultural and industrial equipment since 1998 growing from a simple bespoke building operation to a huge manufacturing complex; from one product to a large catalogue of heavy duty equipment designs. From our roots in the farming community, we’ve expanded into mining, water treatment, bioremediation, bio-augmentation, recycling, organic waste management and the biomass energy market. At Compost Matters we take pride in offering reliable solutions that are tailored to suite all environments and needs. We provide tough, reliable equipment that operates on a 24hr duty cycle which makes our equipment the most cost effective, productive units you will own.

We also specialise in assisting customers to implement world class production methods and management techniques, refined through years of work on our own and client compost production farms. Years of research, development and experience in the manufacture of compost has helped us design an extensive range of compost turning and application equipment, suited to your production needs and pocket. Our compost equipment includes spreaders, windrow turners, sub-soil applicators and pasturators. All our equipment is manufactured to the highest quality specifications to ensure the smooth running of your operations.

Compost Matters has the opportunity and privilege to be part of a vast network of compost producers and consumers in Australia, Africa and the Middle East. Our equipment is durable, dependable and productive, and our name is the most trusted in the industry.
When you choose Compost Matters, you make a commitment to excellence – and we’re committed to helping customers achieve success by creating new opportunities for them through unexplored revenue streams, untapped markets and better uses of by-products. At Compost Matters we have always been there for our customers, providing new opportunities throughout our long history, and we always will be. When you invest in any equipment or services from Compost Mattters, you are assured of the highest level of workmanship, continuity, value for money and most of all, customer service.

Compost Matters is a proud member of the Australian Organic Recyclers Association (AORA, which promotes the use and production of recycled organics, and provides the industry with a focused united voice and will lobby all levels of government on behalf of its members.

Compost Matters is also a proud supporter of the Gateway Children’s Fund ( that functions as a comprehensive child development agency, committed to improving the lives of PNG’s poorest children.