3M PTO TURNER $22,500 (incl GST)


Perfect for the smaller scale operation, the handy 3m PTO driven turner can be connected to most tractors with a PTO drive and crawler gear, making it ideal for farmers who want to create their own organic fertiliser. It’s also compact folding up to enable quick and easy transport.

Technical Spesifications
Windrow capacity 3m wide 1.2m high 5.4m³ / meter
Ground speed 1st / 2nd / 3rd turn (180 m/h) Avg. 200 m/h Max 200 m/h
Turning capacity (calc on avg. speed, 75% w/load) 180m³ hour 1500m³ day 30 000m³ / 18 000t
Finished Product calc on avg. speed, 75% w/load, 8 hr day, 20 day month and 20 turn factor) 1500m³ month (based on annual figure) 3600m³ cycle (8-10 wks.) 18 000m³ / 10 800t
Year (5 cycles)
Shrinkage / Volume loss of finished Product – 30 % 1050m³ month /12 600m³ year
Area for maximum output 180 m³ per 100 m 44 rows Per cycle
Unit capability of row turning after 3rd turn (100 m) 18 rows per day 360 month 790 per cycle

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