6M TURNER $395,000 (incl GST)


The Compost Matters flagship 6m turner is designed for the high volume production environment. Built to handle windrows 6m wide and 3m high, this turner churns through 15,000 tonnes per day. Able to turn on it’s own axis, minimal space is required between windrows, thus maximising your operational capacity. Off the shelf components and simple design means easy maintenance and reliability, perfect for today’s top end producers.

Technical Spesifications
Windrow capacity 6 m wide 3 m high 11 m³ / meter
Ground speed 1st / 2nd / 3rd turn
(200 m/h)
Avg. 250 m/h Max 350 m/h
Turning capacity (calc on avg. speed, 75% w/load) 2587m³ hour 20 700m³ day 414 000m³
Finished Product calc on avg. speed, 75% w/load, 8hr day, 20 day month and 20 turn factor) 7120 m³ month (based on annual figure) 49 680m³ cycle
(8-10 wks.)
248 400m³
Year (5 cycles)
Shrinkage / Volume loss of finished Product – 30 % 14 490m³ month / 173 880m³ year
Area for maximum output 1 150m³ per 100 m 30 rows Per cycle
Unit capability of row turning after 3rd turn (100 m) 15 rows per day 300 month 660 per cycle
Space required to handle equipment capacity 30 000 m² 3ha 7.5 acres
Spacing between rows +- 4m between windrow centres
Diesel tank capacity 1000 litres

6m Compost Turner