In-Row Applicator


With biological farming practices becoming more common throughout the world, new methods of applying organic materials have to be found. Conventional broadcasting methods of organic materials over the surface of lands have their disadvantages. For instance, larger volumes of organic materials are required to compensate for the nutrients that are lost to environmental elements, such as heat and exposure to sunlight. Fungi and bacteria are also destroyed when exposed to these elements. Modern practices encourage the application of organic materials below the surface. The advantage of this method is not only that smaller quantities are required, but that they are more accessible to the roots while nutrients, fungi and bacteria are held in a stable environment, thus increasing humus and nutrient content, while also improving the structure of the soil.

Compost Matters in conjunction with farmers and operations involved in biological farming practices, have developed equipment that is not only capable of effectively ripping the soil to a depth of 450 mm in the respective root zones, but it is also capable of applying organic and various other materials to any other required depth up to 450 mm, by combining two well-proven implements, namely the heavy-duty chisel plough and the transpread spreader.

It has excellent practical features, such as loading accessibility, easy flow of organic materials from the bins into the soil, and the ability to work through debris on the surface. Therefore, Compost Matter’s modern on-row applicators offer the farmer an economic product to facilitate 21st century biological farming practices.

Technical Specifications
MODEL 103 104 105 106 108 110
LOAD CAPACITY (kg’s) 3500 2300 5700 3500 4600 3900
NO TINES 3 4 5 6 8 10
TINE SPACING (mm) 1500/2300 760/910 1500 760/910 760/910 760
REQ. POWER (kW) 60 80 100 120 160 180

Custom modifications and designs are available on request