Our pasturators were engineered with dairy farms in mind. Its original purpose was to break up compacted soil just below the grazing plane on planted pastures. The design has proven far more versatile and its use in natural pastures, on instant lawn, or for small-scale ripping is increasingly popular.

Coulters slice a neat path ahead of each shank as they pass through the pasture. The shanks are designed to lift the soil beneath the surface of the grazing and/ or pasture without causing any damage to the surface crop. Behind the shank a roller firms out the surface and closes any furrows left in its wake.

Regular use of a pasturator aerates the soil and increases water movement and penetration. Improved root development in pastures result in a greater crop yield. A good pasturator is essential to reduce the compaction caused by livestock and vehicle movement over pastures and lands.

Standard Features
    • Robust frame construction
    • Universal 3-point hitches
    • Coulters
    • Cage rollers
    • Depth control
    • Shear bolt shank protection
    • Adjustable tine spacing
    • Staggered shank alignment
    • Various shear options
Technical Spesifications
MODEL RPR002 RPR003 RPR004 RPR005 RPR007
NO. OF TINES 2 3 4 5 7
TINE SPACING (mm) 1800 900 600 600 600
WORKING WIDTH (mm) 2100 2100 2100 2700 3900
WIDTH (mm) 2608 2608 2608 3208 4408
LENGTH (mm) 2286 2286 2286 2286 2286
HEIGHT (mm) 1213 1213 1213 1213 1213
WEIGHT (kg’s) 799 899 999 1212 1570
50/38 75/56 100/75 125/93 150/112