The Rover, a compact multi-function compost production unit. It incorporates the all the functions of existing production units like loaders and chippers. Gone are the days where green waste piles are laboriously loaded in to a chipper, then picked up and moved to windrows.

The Rover is fitted with a miller cutter (shredder) that will shred the material while loading it into the mixing tank, once the material is loaded into the tank the material is shredded and cut down even further while the machine travels to the maturation pads, where the machine will discharge the material at the desired height directly into the windrow, the machine with a good operator should be able to load, shred, chop and discharge 50-60cu.m per hour depending on how fine you would want to chop the material.

With the added incorporation of a wireless weighing system, all incoming quantities are automatically transmitted to your production management reports. A truly modern solution to the compost production industry.