Side-Tip Trailers


The side-tip trailer has proved a winning concept. Since its introduction to the Australian market in the 1990’s, the side-tip trailer has been stringently tested and developed. This implement is designed to be loaded at a central point with a spreadable material, like compost, organic fertilizer, lime or gypsum. Once a volume equal to the spreader’s capacity has been loaded, the trailer can carry the material to the spreader. The two machines park beside each other before the entire bin extends up and over the spreader. The side-tip trailer then tips its contents into the empty spreader quickly and effectively. This method greatly decreases the standing time of older, conventional loading methods. It allows the farmer to increase productivity by spending more time in the field.

The original intention of the side-tip trailer was to keep spreaders full and in the fields for longer. The nature of the design makes the machine far more versatile. It can haul various fruits and vegetables, as well as day-to-day farm materials with ease. Even better, the side-tip trailer is perfect for use as a chaser bin for your harvester. There is no more need for the slow, old, conventional method of discharging grain into haulage trucks.

Standard Features
  • Light tare-weight
  • Stabiliser legs
  • Diagonal lifting
  • Over centre tipping
  • Tandem wheels
  • Swivel hitch
  • Easy operator controls
  • Side flap
Technical info
LOAD CAPACITY (kg’s) 12000 14000
CAPACITY (m3 ) 9,2 11
MAX. DISCHARGE HEIGHT (mm) low/high 2700/3200 2700/3200
LENGTH (mm) 7200 7900
WIDTH (mm) 2570 2570
HEIGHT (mm) 2670 2670
EMPTY WEIGHT (kg’s) 3050 3450
WHEELS 4 x 12.5/80-18.0 4 x 500/50-22.5
RECOMMENDED TRACTOR (hp/kw) 100/76 120/90