Flexible solutions for your compost needs

The management and disposal of organic waste burdens waste producers and waste managers with significant costs to treat and/or dispose of their waste. Typical treatment or disposal methods fail to capture the physical and financial opportunities available in the organic waste.

Through years of experience in the compost industry, at our own compost production operation and agriculture, Compost Matters is able to provide all spheres of the composting community with world class services in creating higher yield, exceptional quality product and efficient industry standard production methods and technology. Environmental protection agencies around the world are increasingly focusing on production methods and environmental impacts such as odour and waste run off.

At Compost Matters we have the opportunity to be part of a vast testing network of compost manufactures in Australia, Southern Africa and the Middle East. We have been involved in manufacturing high quality compost using various types of waste materials including:

• Paunch manure
• Putrescible waste
• Solid inert waste
• Municipal green waste
• Commercial food waste
• Bio-remedial liquid waste
• Corn rests
• Wheat and sorghum crop waste
• Food and beverage processing waste
• Grease trap effluent
• Feedlot manure
• Chicken manure broiler and laying hens
• Fruit waste – e.g. mango , avocado pips and pulp
• Green materials – cutting and clippings
• Stable waste – manure and bedding
• Alien trees
• Sugar cane

Our extensive Compost Consultancy Services include: * Feasibility studies, including financial aspects and site assessment * Quality control systems for producing quality compost * Monitoring of compost quality * Trouble shooting compost production problems * Staff training packages – producing quality compost every time; soil organic matter management * Compost facility establishment and management using a range of inputs including municipal solid waste (MSW), green waste, animal manure, cardboard, straw, abattoir waste and more * Compost use in agriculture * Marketing of compost to farmers * Farm management plans integrating compost into cost-effective and sustainable farming practices * Seminar speaker – soil organic matter management, compost production We specialise in assisting farmers, land owners, municipal councils, existing compost producers, golf courses and feedlot and slaughter operations to optimise their production methods, site design and compost quality.

As a private company, Compost Matters in conjunction with our business partners are the leading providers of turn-key compost manufacturing systems. Good compost manufactures an environment where land is restored to how it was originally intended by our creator.

We also specialise in compost turning equipment ranging from small tractor drawn units to large self-propelled units that can handle 7000 m³ of compost on a daily basis.
A comprehensive compost production unit with the expertise to ensure that international standard compost is consistently manufactured.
Various participation programs with Joint Venture Partners. A proven system that is used by very large and successful farmers who have found considerable cost reductions, operational savings and a premium for a product that is truly organic in all respects.

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