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Farmers, land managers and agricultural industries are increasingly realising that environmentally sound production offers benefits in terms of business liability and profit, while having benefits for the environment. At Compost Matters we believe we can be the conduit to achieve these benefits.

Why Compost?

The Law of Return states that nutrients removed, must be returned in the quantities taken away, in order to maintain a balanced ecological state and fertile soil. Compost production is also of high importance to the carbon recovery cycle by increasing soil carbon from compost application, reducing methane generation and nitrous oxide emissions.


Improving and maintaining the fertility of the soil is the central focus in Natural, Ecological, Biological, Sustainable and Organic farming. This is the foundation on which we have built Compost Matters as a leading supplier of cutting edge cost effective composting solutions for everyone.

Welcome to Compost Matters

Compost Matters is a leading supplier of organic waste management, compost production, agricultural and application technology.

Our operations span 3 continents and millions of acres of land.

From farmers looking to maximise their farm biomatter use, to large scale compost producers and mine rescuing soil and cooling water, we have the products, support and methods to suite the industry needs.

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